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Innovative efficiency in maritime logistics.

Based on AI and machine learning models, we provide the most reliable information for maritime logistics.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain


Check all information on ocean freight in a single platform and you can save demurrage and logistics costs.


Digitalize the workflow to increase productivity and provide your customers with critical information at the right time.

SCM solution

Our platform provides the Seamless API Intergration through which you can access the information on your personal system.

Customer story

For years, we struggled to access ocean carrier data to provide our customers with accurate shipment visibility.

Working with SeaVantage allowed us to access multiple carrier data on one platform, as well as predicted visibility - meaning we are able to inform our customers in advance of unforeseen delays and disruptions of their shipment.

While we have tried AIS data services from several companies, SeaVantage's AIS data coverage is the most comprehensive and closest to real-time.

We primarily use it for tracking vessels in real time. In addition, the interface is fast and user-friendly, which is a great advantage. Furthermore, we expect to utilize the extensive port and terminal data provided by SeaVantage in various aspects of our company.