bespoke solution

Bespoke Solution for Businesses

It is a disruptive solution for on/off-line forwarders, shippers and ship owners. We provide modularized main functions, which can be integrated with customers's legacy data to provide specific insights and analytics. It will help you and your end-customers to have a visibility on their cargo and access to actionable data for their business decision.

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SV Maritime Platform

Our intelligence maritime platform will curate analytic datasets to meet each customer's needs and have unparalleled access to visualization and data insights. This subscription based web service is to help small businesses and individuals to fill out their aims in the most cost effective and efficient way.

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maritime platform
ais api service

Commtrace, AIS API Service

We provide an API service with using AIS data to businesses and organizations, which will help the maritime industry transform into a digitalization. API service can be integrated with customer's system to have a real time visibility as well as operating insights.

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Who is SeaVantage

We are committed to the future of ocean logistics and providing solutions to businesses, which needs insights and data for seabourne transport. We apply with a machine learning algorithm into ocean big data to provide intelligence to maritime industry. Seavantage is developing accurate ETA, port traffic prediction, and optimal routing factored in weather impact. Lastly, our bespoke service provides customized answers to needs from forwarders, shippers, shipowners, characters and operators. Our intelligent solution focuses on making shipping more efficient, greener and safer.

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