Maritime visibility +
AI-based prediction

Enhance your ocean shipping intelligence with 
real-time maritime logistics info and vessel arrival prediction.

Too much time and money is wasted in ocean shipping
simply because
there is no accurate and reliable maritime information.


SeaVantage Solutions

Cargo Tracking

Real-time cargo tracking + PTA

  • Track the current location and get AI-based ETA prediction of your cargoes in one place, simply by entering the bill of lading (BL) info.

  • Get promptly notified when your cargoes are delayed.

Cargo tracking

Port Insight

Port visibility + berthing prediction

  • See what's happening inside the port right now 

  • Use AI-based predictions and analytics to optimize maritime planning & operations

Port insight

Port & Terminal

Booking management + berth planning

  • Receive bookings and manage berth schedule in one place.

  • Optimize berth operation based on prediction of incoming vessels and PTA.

Port terminal

And more...