Ship Insight

Discover real-time location and position of container and carrier vessels around the world with predicted arrival visibility.
Real-Time ship tracking

All of AIS data from satellite, land and dynamic

Accurate prediction

Accurately predict vessel routing, arrival (PTA) and docking (PTB) times

Ship information

Check ship basic specification information and voyage information included in AIS

Global coverage

Coverage for 400,000 Ships

See the current position and predicted route of vessels.

Real-Time Vessel Activity

Get detailed information about ships, including tonnage, dimensions, maximum draught, navigation status, and real-time AIS updates. The voyage details such as the port of loading, port of discharge, port calls, and the estimated time of arrival information provided by the carrier are displayed in real-time.

Predicted Time of Arrival Insights

With our adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide accurate predictive analytics on vessel arrival and berthing date and time. By combining multiple data streams with our proprietary maritime traffic network, we provide highly accurate and reliable arrival information.

Past and predicted route

View a vessel's past and predicted track with one click. Also, displayed is the information about the distance, port calls, port of destination, and the AIS timestamp.

Manage My Fleet and Tags

Easily manage and track vessels of your interest with custom ship tags. Create and keep track of each vessel's tags to manage them efficiently.

Find new insights with ship analysis data.

AIS coverage

We provide exceptional AIS data coverage including Satellite, Terrestrial and Dynamic AIS data meaning you won't have to worry about coverage in high traffic zones, shipping lanes, and busy ports.

Ship type and size

Get real-time tracking information for container vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, and all class A vessels.

Ship routing

Get precise vessel routing & tracking information together with accurate maritime weather routing information.