Port  Insight

A  single platform to visualize port status of your interest.
Get congestion information based on ports for container ships, bulk carriers and tankers.

Congestion analysis

Preemptive response by monitoring congestion at ports and individual terminals

Incoming Vessel Arrival Prediction

Check the exact arrival time of all ships coming to the port

Ship Status about Waiting & Berthing

Check the status of standby vessels and berthing vessels

Port statistics

Provides insights for decision-making through monthly and annual statistical data

Real-time congestion analysis of ports around the world

Real-Time Port Activity and Congestion

You can check the vessels in operation and the average working hours by terminal/vessel type, hence you can efficiently manage your schedule after unloading.

Incoming Vessel Arrival Prediction

You can predict port congestion by seeing which ships are heading into the port in real time, and see all ships that have moved to other ports from those scheduled to dock and are working.

Port and terminal statistical data

Statistical information related to port congestion can be analyzed by period. Statistical data can be used to predict future situations and to analyze competitors depending on the type of cargo.

Make an efficient logistics plan with port analysis data.

Efficient logistics planning

Make appropriate preparations before booking vessels by utilizing our congestion data to determine how the port of discharge may affect your shipment.

Timely response to events

Prepare for disruptions by utilizing real-time updates on shipment delays at the port and congestion.

Reduce logistics costand penalties

Keep track of how port congestion will affect your ongoing shipment so that you can avoid fees and penalties from delays.