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Port Insight

Real-Time Port Congestion Data Insights

Monitor the status of ports around the world with our predictive visibility platform.


Monitor global ports and stay ahead of unforeseen disruptions and congestion


Worldwide port monitoring for your supply chain operations

A single platform to visualize congestion times of ports of your interest. Get congestion information based on ports for container ships bulk carriers and tankers. 

Incoming Vessel Arrival Prediction

Our port insight dashboard displays accurate and predicted arrival times for all incoming vessels of all types to ports of your interest. We can forecast the degree of congestion at a specific port by integrating this data with our real-time congestion data on waiting and working vessels.


Real Time Vessel Tracking

See a live map view of the ships transporting your containers, their past and future voyage routes, and their ports of call. The ship information and the ship's last AIS update, speed, course, and draught are displayed.


Real-Time Port Activity and Congestion

See the average dwell time of container and cargo vessels at ports around the world. Congestion levels at the port can be filtered based on the type of cargo carried by the vessel. The insight you get from our can help you make more effective, data-driven decisions for your maritime operations. 


Year-over-Year Port Statistics

Utilize our monthly and yearly historical port and terminal data to make better decisions about your maritime operations. The historical data of previous and next port calls of vessels can be used to forecast the future destinations of vessels.


Value for Your Business


Efficient logistics planning

Make appropriate preparations before booking vessels by utilizing our congestion data to determine how the port of discharge may affect your shipment. 




Prepare for disruptions by utilizing real-time updates on shipment delays at the port and congestion.


Reduce logistics costs and penalties

Keep track of how port congestion will affect your ongoing shipment so that you can avoid fees and penalties from delays.


See Our Platform in Action

Monitor the current operational status of ports around the world for your ocean shipment. Getting to the port is only half the journey. Activities around and inside the port are just as important as how long it takes to get there. With escalating port congestion issues, getting the right analytics will help you mitigate disruptions in your logistics operations.
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Container Ship

Explore Our

We can help you deliver real results with our visibility platform and develop a business case for your company. 

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