Getting to the port is only half the journey.

  • What's going on inside the port is just as important as how long it takes to get there. 

  • Get a clear view and analytics of your destination port to optimize port operations.



Port view 
& status

As your vessels are soon to arrive at the destination port, you are deciding whether to slow down the vessel and save the bunker, or speed up to load or unload the cargo as soon as possible. 

This, and many other important operational decisions, comes down to how busy the destination port is right at this moment and will be in the near future.

Incoming vessel prediction

vessel list

Knowing how many vessels are waiting and how many incoming soon is a key piece of information for your operational decisions. 

Based on Predicted Time of Arrival data, SeaVantage predicts the number of vessels that are expected to arrive soon at the port. 

Dwell time & port statistics

See the port congestion trend by hour or date. 

Get useful port-related statistics such as:

- Average dwell time by vessel type 

- Predicted dwell time until berthing 

The insight you get here can help you make more effective, data-driven decisions for your maritime operations related to a specific port. 

Use Case

Bulk cargo owners
Inventory management & forecasting

Inventory management is a delicate and complex job that requires justified, objective decisions to strike out the fine balance between overstocks and stockout: too much inventory results in high storage/warehousing costs among other expenses, while too little, of course, will cause a serious problem to production. 

Add to that, the shipping cost itself is often an important consideration when strategizing inventory management and overall supply chain, as both speeding up the vessel and waiting at congested ports can result in enormous costs. 

Using Port Insight, bulk cargo owners can:

1. save costs such as bunker & demurrage

2. optimize shipping plan & operation

Port authorities & terminal operators

Port visibility & vessel schedule management

To handle incoming vessels and cargoes as efficiently as possible, port authorities and terminal operators can use the combination of real-time visibility and AI-based predictions provided by Port Insight. 

Frequent change in berthing and other vessel-related schedules can result in unnecessary costs and stressful situations.

Using Port Insight, port authorities can:

1. optimize vessel schedules

2. maximize resource utilization; and,

3. boost customer satisfaction.

Looking to optimize maritime logistics?