Struggling with customer complaints?
“Obtaining a quick response is challenging when the cargo location is unclear”
“Uncertainty about when and where my cargo was damaged is frustrating.”
“Substantial financial losses were incurred due to order cancellation from delivery delays.”
"Not being able to promptly monitor my cargo’s status resulted in substantial delays.”

Effortlessly monitor cargo location and condition from a single platform at a glance

Track cargo location effortlessly from land to sea

Effortlessly monitor the location of each container segment from end to end with real-time cargo tracking technology, utilizing AIS at sea and IoT-based solutions on land, all seamlessly integrated into our platform.

Continuous real-time monitoring of supply chain events

Utilize IoT sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, impacts, and door status. Our notification system ensures swift response to unforeseen variables, elevating cargo quality and security.

At a glance effortlessly track asset holdings and movement status

Gain instant insights into cargo movement status and inventory levels with a simple glance at the map. With clear visibility into asset holdings and movement, streamline logistics planning effortlessly.

Suitable for a wide range of business applications

Automotive & electronics

Swiftly address delivery delays and mitigate cargo damage risks for high-value automotive and electronic components with prompt action.

Food and agricultural goods

Ensure real-time monitoring of perishables for temperature and humidity, effectively reducing losses and expenses associated with quality deterioration.

High-value cargo

Effectively mitigate concerns such as cargo theft, delivery delays, and damage by closely monitoring the real-time status of high-value cargo throughout transportation.

Shipping and logistics companies

Shipping and logistics firms in need of container asset management can streamline logistics operations by guaranteeing supply chain visibility and control.