We Empower Supply Chain Professionals with Real-Time and Predictive Data Insights


Why SeaVantage?

Significant data

We created and patented a 'Marine Transportation Network' that predicts the  maritime route of ships from AIS data accumulated over 10 years. Reliable  forecasting is achieved on the basis of this data.

Reliable information

The complex marine data is difficult to  predict accurately. By applying AI and ML  technology to this complex marine data we provide reliable information such  as arrival & berthing time predictions.

Customer experience

We  provide the most convenient environment for customers to use through custom  or API linkage considering businesses such as shippers, forwarders and  logistic companies.

Logistics Insights

Visualized  data for all ports & vessels worldwide provides critical insights for  future logistics planning.


Provides clear visibility across the maritime logistics industry.

Maritime transport accounts for 90% of all trade    but uncertainties in maritime logistics are highlighted due to limited  visibility and supply chain disruption.

To overcome these difficulties and inefficiencies in the logistics industry, we have developed a 'supply chain visualization solution' that applies AI analytic technology to various marine big data. We will continue to focus on expanding our solutions and improving data  accuracy, and we will provide reliable supply chain information to stakeholders throughout the logistics industry.