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"Stay ahead, monitor disruptions and congestion"

Stay informed and stay ahead of disruptions with real-time port congestion intelligence for any port of your interest. SeaVantage Port Insight gives ocean freight professionals a comprehensive view of destination ports and in-depth analytics on vessel activity and congestion at ports/terminals allowing you to proactively plan and manage disruptions. 

Predicted inbound vessel 

See accurate and up-to-date arrival times for all incoming vessels with the help of our predictive analytics. This data is especially useful for logistics companies to proactively plan for delays and congestion at the ports and for port authorities and terminal operators to optimize their vessel anchorage and berthing schedules.

Incoming Vessel Arrival Prediction.png
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Port & terminal congestion data

Monitor congestion trends of ports and individual terminals with our intuitive port congestion monitoring dashboard. Our dashboard provides the latest information on the number of anchored and working ships at the port, as well as the average dwell time at the port. 

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Real-time vessel tracking

Get real-time visibility into the journey of your containers with a live map of the ships transporting them. Track the past and future voyage routes, and stay informed about the ports of call. Get detailed information about the ship, including its last AIS update, speed, course, and draught.

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Year-over-Year Port Statistics.png

Year-over-year port statistics

Make informed and strategic decisions by utilizing detailed monthly and yearly reports on port congestion trends. These insights provide valuable information on factors such as cargo volume, shipping delays, and supply chain bottlenecks, allowing you to proactively address and manage any potential disruptions to your operations.

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We can help you deliver real results with our visibility platform and develop a business case for your company. 

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