Cargo Insight

Real-Time Cargo Tracking with Predictive Visibility

Experience advanced visibility and control over your shipments

Elevate your supply chain operations with SeaVantage Cargo Insight! Simplify the management of multiple shipments with our comprehensive live dashboard and take control of ETA arrival and delays with our PTA (Predicted Time of Arrival) data, providing you with accurate and frequent updates on your shipment's location and arrival time"

Predicted ETA visibility

Optimize your ocean supply chain with accurate cargo arrival predictions. Enhance customer satisfaction, improve on-time delivery, and reduce penalties and labor costs with Predicted ETA visibility. Our proprietary PTA data offers an improvement over traditional ETAs, providing exceptional accuracy and convenience in tracking shipments.

Comprehensive dashboard insights

Efficiently manage and monitor all your ocean shipments in one place with our intuitive dashboard. Easily upload and track multiple master bills of lading (BOL) associated with your containers and stay on top of your shipments with our dashboard insights and charts.

Real-time vessel tracking

Get real-time visibility into the journey of your containers with a live map of the ships transporting them. Track the past and future voyage routes, and stay informed about the ports of call. Get detailed information about the ship, including its last AIS update, speed, course, and draught.

Event notifications

Stay on top of your shipment status and never miss a milestone update again. With real-time access to our timeliness shipment data, you'll be able to see real-time updates on the status and arrival time of your shipments, with custom event codes tailored to your specific needs.