(SeaVantage Maritime Data Platform)


All services of SeaVantage are based on SVMP,

a platform that accurately predicts vessel movements and tracks cargo locations

using Maritime Big Data analysis technology.

SVMP has the flexibility to provide a customized platform that is specific to your needs.

Key Features


Traffic Network

We Have analyzed satellite data, AIS, for the past decade and has built the world’s first MTN (Maritime Traffic Network). Specifically, the accuracy of the PTA was improved significantly by analyzing the movement trajectory of 12 vessel types, including containers, bulk, and other various vessel sizes.


(Predicted Time of Arrival)

SVMP forecasts vessel movement based on PTA rather than traditional Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) as in other solutions. ETA is a simple calculation based on the findings of captains and shipping agents. SeaVantage's PTA uses multiple variables based on big data analysis results, Maritime Traffic Network (MTN), and proprietary algorithms to provide its forecast.

Port Analysis

& Weather Algorithm

Based on the analysis of ports and weather algorithms, we have a more accurate vessel movement prediction. We analyze information such as vessel docking time and its movement near the port. Seasonal weather conditions, such as typhoons, are taken into account so we obtain results that reflect the real-time sea conditions instead of simple estimated values from past data.

Explore SV Solutions


SV Container

SV Container integrates with the client’s system to track the location of cargo and look up predicted arrival information. This service provides the information that the clients need by combining SVMP and data such as B/L information. This service is suitable for container shippers or forwarders.


  • Search and manage multiple cargoes with an integrated system based on B/L

  • Tracking cargoes with B/L information (Location, transshipment,  arrival information)

  • Predict accurately the arrival time of cargoes at the destination 


SV Bulk & Tanker

SV Bulk & Tanker analyzes the movement of bulk and tanker vessels and the conditions of major ports of entry. This helps clients efficiently manage the allocation of vessels and shipping schedules and allows cost reduction such as demurrage, and analysis of real-time industrial trends. This is a suitable service for Bulk & Tanker shippers and brokers.


  • Search list of waiting and scheduled vessels at specific ports

  • Vessel tracking and PTA lookup of clients and competitors’ vessels 

  • Check traffic of specific ports

  • Analysis of operations by ship type in a specific region


SV Terminal

SV Terminal enables terminal administrators to efficiently manage vessels and cargo schedules. Terminal users apply for shipping and related-tasks booking online; this allows the administrator to approve and manage them. You can also track vessels scheduled for port entry and simulate tasks based on PTA.


  • Manage and simulate multiple vessel schedules by integrating PTA

  • Automate reservations, schedule management and notification of changes

  • Provide operation status of terminal on dashboard


What's Next..? 

Are you uncomfortable with shipping and logistics processes?

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