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Images show congestion in the Port of Santos in São Paulo, Brazil.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Port Congestion in port of Santos

The Port of Santos in the state of São Paulo, Brazil has been experiencing an increase in the number of vessels waiting to berth at its port. As of Thursday (24th February 2022), there were 88 vessels anchored awaiting berthing (See Port Insight image below)

Worldwide, ocean supply chain stakeholders have been focusing on port congestion in Los Angeles and Long Beach. While its port congestion has improved recently, other major world ports are experiencing alarming levels of congestion.

SeaVantage | Port Congestion (Port of Santos)
SeaVantage | Port Congestion (Port of Santos)

The Port of Santos is the largest and one of the busiest container ports in Latin America, handling an annual container volume of 2.697 million TEUs. Images from the Port Insight Platform of SeaVantage show congestion at the Port of Santos, with an additional 139 vessels predicted to arrive at the port.

SeaVantage | Port Insight (Port of Santos)
SeaVantage | Port Insight (Port of Santos)

One of the reasons for this is the rising backlog of vessels waiting to load soybeans at its port. The harvest and transport of these soybeans have been hampered by poor weather conditions making it difficult to dry and transport soybeans.

The Port Insight Dashboard indicates a steady increase in terms of the number of vessels anchored, working, and number of ships from October 2021 through February 2022.

SeaVantage | Port Insight Chart (Port of Santos)
SeaVantage | Port Insight Chart (Port of Santos)


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