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4 Data Challenges Freight Forwarders are Facing in 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Ocean Shipping Visibility: See 4 Key Things Your Supply Chains Are Missing

Despite the fact that almost everyone has a GPS tracking device in their pocket, tracking the location and status of vessels and containers continue to be one of the top challenges facing freight forwarders in the shipping industry.

Even for those who can "see" the location of shipments, there is little they can do when they are delayed. Data on ocean shipping remains a major challenge for the shipping industry.

This article outlines the data challenges freight forwarders encounter in managing their ocean freight logistics.

1. Inaccurate and Limited Shipping Data

Accurate shipping ETA data plays an essential role in the supply chain as it typically determines the total time for delivery of the shipment. However, access to this data can be limited when it comes to certain information. Calculating the correct ETA is challenging due to uncertain external factors that impact arrival time.

2. On-time Delivery of Shipping Data

The timely delivery of ETA changes and updates is crucial to freight professionals as it often has a ripple effect on the rest of the supply chain. However, these updates are usually available several hours or days after the fact, making them less useful in proactive logistics planning.

3. Hassle Finding & Providing Shipping Data

Freight forwarders play an important role in the supply chain as they act as mediators with stakeholders about the status of their cargo. However, accessing tracking data remains a challenge when it comes to locating cargo, and tracking vessel arrivals and delays.

4. Complications from the pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, lockdowns have exacerbated the challenges of gaining reliable shipping data. Unprecedented delays at container ports, blank sailings, and port capacity constraints further impacted shipment lead times.

For supply chain professionals, getting accurate data on container and vessel arrival is crucial to maintaining smooth operations. There is a greater need than ever before for supply chain managers to have accurate, real-time ocean visibility.

SeaVantage Ocean Visibility Platform

We provide shipment visibility and predictive analytics to enable shippers and other stakeholders to navigate through these challenges. Delight your customers, reduce fines related to demurrage and detention and improve your labor operations by integrating with our advanced visibility platform.


Founded in 2018, SeaVantage is a fast-growing start-up helping companies transform their ocean supply chain with real-time and predictive visibility solutions. Top leading companies including Samsung SDS, POSCO, Hyundai GLOVIS, and Lotte Global Logistics utilize and trust our data solutions to optimize their maritime logistics and operations.

Our cargo insight, ship insight, and port insight platforms help our customers proactively manage and respond to unforeseen disruptions in their ocean transport, which in turn ensures a better quality of service for their end customers and financial gains.

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