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Higher predictability = better use of resources

  • Reliable vessel arrival info is the key to making optimal berthing plans.

  • Optimize vessel schedules based on PTA*.

  • Automate bookings, schedule management, and notification for schedule changes. 



Berth booking

& berth planning

Manage both booking requests and berth plans in one place.


With Port & Terminal you can automate bookings, schedule management, and notifications when the schedule changes -- without having to combine the schedules in a spreadsheet and send the files back to customers.

Berthing optimization with PTA

Unreliable ETAs received from vessels often mean berth schedules being change more often than desired. 

Port & Terminal allows you to plan berthing schedules based on PTAs of  incoming vessels with higher predictability and, thereby, maximize the use of your valuable resources. 

Use Case

Port authorities & terminal operators

Port operations such as matching the incoming vessels with available berths with appropriate berthing window requires timely communication and expertise - and, to optimize port operations, data-driven insight is a must. 

SV Port & Terminal shows you the difference between carrier-provided ETAs and AI-based PTA, so that you can make more reliable berthing plans and, as a result, optimize the berths and other resources.

Simplifying and optimizing the berth planning & management. Done - all in one place.

Using Port & Terminal:

1.  Terminal operators can receive berth booking requests and manage the schedules;

2. after users submit the booking requests, they can track their vessel info and PTA; and

3. users will be notified automatically in case of change in the berthing schedule. 

Looking to optimize port terminal operations?
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