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Port Congestion Around the Black Sea

[Black Sea] Port Congestion Situation

  • The majority of container vessels have been diverted away from the Black sea.

  • A majority of Ukraine's imports and exports are now handled through the Port of Constanta, Romania, following the closure of the Port of Odessa.

  • Every day, around 6000 to 7000 containers initially scheduled for Ukrainian ports are being unloaded at the Seaport of Constanta.

  • Port congestion has worsened at the Constanța South Container Terminal (CSCT) in the Port of Constanta.

Data from SeaVantage Maritime Platform

  1. There have been more than 2 times as many vessels waiting to berth in Constanta this month in comparison to last month (February).

Click here to see the list of all oncoming, anchored, and berthed vessels at the port, together with the average waiting and working days at the Port of Constanta.

2. The number of vessels anchored at the port of Odessa have been on a decline from the beginning of this year. Click here to see what's happening in neighboring ports.


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