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Fresh Labor Strikes at the Ports of Felixstowe and Liverpool

On 27 September, workers at the Port of Felixstowe embarked on another strike for two weeks until 5 October after the union rejected an imposed pay deal.

This strike comes amid the ongoing strike at the Port of Liverpool where over 500 port workers have been on a two-week strike which began on September 19 and will last until October 3.

The twin strikes spark further disruptions in supply chain operations as the holiday shipping season ramps up.

Suppliers fear this strike will impact the holiday season as approximately $7 billion in weekly trade leaves Felixstowe and Liverpool ports, according to MDS Transmodal. Additionally, 30% of the traffic handled at the Port of Liverpool originates in or is headed for the United States.

SeaVantage Port Insight platform shows how last month's strike at Felixstowe pushed vessel working time (average time in days vessels spend at berth working to load and offload import and export containers) up by 80% when compared to the previous month.


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Our cargo insight, ship insight, and port insight platforms help our customers proactively manage and respond to unforeseen disruptions in their ocean transport, which in turn ensures a better quality of service for their end customers and financial gains.


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