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Container Vessel Collides with Oil Tanker in the Bay of Bengal

A container vessel, Haian city, departing from the port of Chattogram and heading for Singapore, collided with an oil tanker near Kutubdai. The oil tanker, Orion Express, was inbound for the Port of Chattogram when the collision occurred.

The accident occurred on the 14th of April. 2022, around 10:30 am according to reports from Chattogram. The collision caused an empty container to fall off the Haian city container ship and partly damaged the vessel.

The Secretary of the Chattogram Port Authority (CPA), reported that the container ship was still anchored at the bay and the oil tanker had reached the outer anchorage.

Data from the vessel tracking platform of SeaVantage shows the current location of both vessels after the collision.

SeaVantage Vessel Tracking Platform
SeaVantage Vessel Tracking Platform

A similar accident occurred in 2019 when a feeder ship collided with an oil tanker at the outer anchorage of Chittagong Port, halting marine traffic.

An investigation has been launched to determine how the collision occurred and the extent of the damage.


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