Port Insight

Real-Time and Predicted Port Congestion Data

Monitor the status of ports around the world with our predictive visibility platform.

Incoming Vessel Prediction

See the predicted arrival times of vessels to the port.  

Terminal & Port Congestion Insights

Identify the areas of congestion at the port with individual terminal congestion data

Live Vessel Tracking

Get the latest update on all incoming, anchored, berthed, and departed vessels

Year-over-Year Port Statistics

Make effective decisions based on port and terminal historical data

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Monitor and stay ahead of disruptions and congestion

SeaVantage port insight platform provides real-time and predicted port congestion intelligence, allowing you to stay informed of any port of your interest. Our platform provides ocean freight professionals with a clear view of destination ports and analytics on vessel activity to monitor and proactively plan for possible disruptions.

Incoming Vessel Arrival Prediction

Leveraging our state-of-the-art predictive analytics on vessel arrival times, our port insight platform displays accurate arrival times of all incoming vessels of all types to the port. This data is especially useful to port authorities and terminal operators in optimizing vessel anchorage and berthing schedules. Logistics companies can also adopt a proactive approach to knowing vessel delays and congestion at the port by utilizing this data.

Terminal and port congestion charts.gif

Live Vessel Tracking

See a live map of all incoming, anchored, berthed, and departed vessels as well as their past & future voyage routes, and port calls. Our vessel tracking platform also displays vessel AIS information such as its speed, its course, and its draught.

Port Statistics
Incoming vessel arrival prediction.gif

Terminal & Port Congestion Charts

Monitor congestion trends of the port and at individual terminals from our simple and intuitive dashboard. Our dashboard displays the latest information on the number of anchored and working ships at the port, as well as the average number of days those ships spend there. Our insights can also assist you in accurately predicting future port congestion by leveraging our accurate predictions for incoming vessel arrival times to the port.

Live Vessel Tracking.gif

Year-over-Year Port Statistics 

Utilize our monthly and yearly historical port and terminal data to make better decisions about your maritime operations. The historical data of previous and next port calls of vessels can be used to forecast the future destinations of vessels.

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