Cargo & Vessel Tracking​

Real-Time Cargo Tracking with Predictive Visibility

Track multiple containers and vessels with a consolidated dashboard overview of all your shipment. Our platform provides a simple and convenient way to upload and monitor bills of lading of different cargo from multiple carriers. Our AI-based predictive ETA combined with our cargo & vessel tracking platform provides our customers with high confidence in managing exceptions and avoiding unnecessary demurrage and detention fees.


cargo tracking
& visibility

Proactive supply chain management starts with staying up-to-date with whereabouts of your cargoes. 

Track cargoes shipped by different shipping companies in one page, simply by entering the bill of lading (BoL, B/L) number. 

Cargo visibility and real-time tracking allows you to enhance and optimize your logistics & supply chain management with boosted confidence and efficiency.

Time of Arrival

Use accurate prediction of cargo arrival times to better plan the next steps in logistics.

Knowing when your cargoes will arrive exactly allows different stakeholders to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

With SeaVantage's Predicted Time of Arrival (PTA), you will know in advance when the cargoes will arrive at the destination port so that the relevant stakeholders can plan and prepare for the next steps without having to waste extra time and other valuable resources.

Cargo delay alert 

How soon are you notified of shipping delays?

Logistics involves many different stakeholders and tasks. And the complex collaboration does not end when the cargoes arrive at the port. 

With SeaVantage's Cargo Tracking, you can get notified promptly when your cargoes are getting delayed - thanks to the AI-based PTA. 

Use Case

Freight forwarders

Save communication costs & improve customer satisfaction

Today, major shipping companies provide cargo tracking services on their websites. However, when you have to track many cargoes from different carriers every day, and the information often has to be collected and then shared individually, it often results in inefficient and unnecessarily complicated work processes. 

What if you can share the current location & Predicted Time of Arrival (PTA) with stakeholders without hassle? Plus, they can get promptly notified when shipping delay is expected. 

By integrating Cargo Tracking into your system,
you can let cargo owners:

1. See where the cargoes are;

2. Know when exactly they will arrive at the destination port; and, 

3. Be notified of delays promptly. 

How it works


Enter the bill of lading numbers of the cargoes you want to track


See the real-time location of the cargoes in one page


Check the PTA


Get custom notification when cargoes get delayed

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