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Who We Are

We are a fast-growing start-up helping companies to transform their ocean supply chain with real-time and predictive visibility solutions. Top leading companies including Samsung SDS, POSCO, Hyundai GLOVIS, and Lotte Global Logistics utilize and trust our data solutions to optimize their maritime logistics and operations. 

Global supply chains were originally built on the premise of stability in ocean shipping. Although ocean freight transport takes up over 90% of global trade, visibility into knowing where containers are located and when they will arrive with precise ETA for each leg of the journey has been limited. Poor visibility in ocean freight has led to increased lead times, costs, and inefficiencies.

We provide predictive analytics and visibility solutions to all stakeholders in the freight industry to help supply chain professionals proactively manage and respond to unforeseen disruptions in their ocean transport.

Where We Are

Our maritime visibility platform currently covers over 30+ shipping lines, 120,000+ vessels, and  4000+ seaports. We are constantly expanding our visibility network every day, and constantly improving the accuracy of our prediction-based analytics.

Meet The Team

Gene Song
Gene Song
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CEO & Founder

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Dongil Park
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Chief Technical Officer

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Youngbae Jeong
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Chief Research Officer

Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim
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Chief Operating Offcer

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